Books by A.K. Evans

Everything I Have

Emily ‘Emme’ James lived in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship for years. When that relationship ended in heartbreaking tragedy, Emme vowed to protect herself and those she loves from ever being hurt again. Unfortunately, she has yet to heal mentally from the tragic events that took place nearly ten months ago. Emme remains plagued by her heartrending past and is tortured daily by the pain she’s caused in the lives of those she loves. Emme’s plans to keep herself unattached fall apart the moment Zane Cunningham sets his sights on her.

Zane Cunningham, professional snowboarder, is at the top of his game. Contest after contest, he is the leader on the board taking one first place finish after another. Emme walks into his life only a couple weeks before intense training begins. Zane does not need the distraction, but can’t fight the pull he feels toward her. He will stop at nothing to have Emme in his life, even if she is only willing to offer friendship.

Emme’s guard is up, but she still struggles to resist Zane’s persistent efforts to turn their friendship into something more. Zane has lived a charmed life, so when he learns the truth about that tragic incident in Emme’s life, he fights to keep his composure. Emme finally gives in to her feelings for Zane when she realizes that despite the ugliness in her past, he plans on sticking around.

When Emme’s past comes back to haunt her, she’s ready to run. Zane makes it his mission to keep her safe and will stop at nothing to protect what he considers to be his, even if that means giving up everything he’s worked for his whole life.