Books by A.K. Evans

Everything I Want

Monroe Archer, professional dancer, has been searching for her fairytale romance for nearly twenty-five years. Determined to get her happily-ever-after ending, Monroe uproots her life and moves away from the place she has always called home. The truth is, Monroe believes she’s already met the man of her dreams.

Xander Stone, professional snowboarder, has been living the last fourteen years of his life devoid of any new personal attachments. A tortured soul, haunted by the demons of his past, Stone isn’t looking for anything more than nights of fun when it comes to women.

Monroe is a virgin, convinced that her feelings for Stone are the reason she’s never been with anyone else. Roughly a week after she comes to town, Monroe learns that while Stone is physically attracted to her, he’s unwilling to offer anything more than just friendship.

Crushed by this news, Monroe tries to move on with her life. Stone soon realizes that his attraction to her isn’t something he can so easily deny. Oblivious to her innocence and powerless to resist her any longer, Stone starts something with Monroe knowing he has no intentions of giving her forever. With her feisty personality and beautiful spirit, it isn’t long before Stone learns that the walls he built around his heart may come crumbling down faster than he ever thought possible.

Can Monroe’s sweet and charming disposition help heal the wounds that have hardened Stone’s heart? Or will he forever remain grief-stricken by his perception of the crushing reality of his past?